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Search Results for: APCO

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      BLADE from APCO


      BLADE will appeal to pilots who prefer a classic pod harness, offering total comfort, maximum security, world class drag saving, blended with stylish design and loads of extras. Included as standard: Airfoam protector and 3 Stage speed bar

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      BLADE II from APCO


      The best open face helmet on the range, aimed at paragliding and hang gliding competition pilots. Featuring tinted visor assembled as standard and slots with metal mesh for air flow and efficient cooling.

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      The ChairBag III is a new convertible harness/backpack by Apco. Sophisticated, super-light dual-purpose harness - a harness when flying and a backpack when traveling, all under 2.5kg.

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      EDGE II from APCO


      Edge II - The leading edge in safety and performance. The EDGE will appeal to pilots who prefer a classic harness with stylish design, total comfort, maximum security and loads of extras.

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      Guided Mayday from APCO

      from £640.00

      Guided Mayday mainly targets pilot segment specialising in high risk applications - ACRO, industry professionals and competition pilots, but is equally appealing to the general pilot market.

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      Mayday SLT from APCO

      from £630.00

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      MuSCat2 from SkyCountry


      MuSCat2 is SkyCountry's new paraglider for novices and instruction. It has received high praise from schools that have upgraded from our much loved MuSCat model. MuSCat2,with its higher passive safety and improved flight characteristics, is sure to find its way to paragliding schools around the World.

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      RITMA from APCO


      The RITMA will attract pilots who are not ready to compromise on comfort, safety and performance of the harness, but want to have it light with cutting edge features. It is the most sophisticated and refined harness APCO has so far offered.

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      SPARK from APCO

      from £380.00

      SPARK - The latest, most sophisticated sports harness on the APCO range. SPARK will appeal to pilots who prefer a classic harness, offering total comfort, maximum security, blended with stylish design and loads of extras.

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      Thrust 3 from APCO

      from £2,350.00

      THRUST - Roar of the Engine - Whisper of the Wing. Thrust has claimed worldwide fame as one of the most desirable paramotor wings. We have incorporated all the latest, cutting edge materials and innovations to make it a better performing, longer lasting, easier handling, much lighter wing.

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      Twister from APCO


      APCO Twister - this is a wing you certainly remember. It was one of the pioneers on the ACRO scene and definitely one of the most desirable wings. The Twister's unique profile offers excellent dynamics, handling and safety for an aerobatic wing. Expert coastal pilots are discovering the joy of soaring in high winds until now reserved only for hang-gliders.

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