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We are proud to present the Women’s Vyper suit from Deepseed, the product most suited for women who do a lot of tunnel flying. To place your Bespoke order for Deepseed Skydive Gear please follow the instructions below carefully to ensure that the details you submit to us are correct. STEP 1: Enter your Personal Details and Body Measurements.

STEP 2: Design YOUR custom suit with our Colour Picker Tool. Starting with your choice of Main Material choose the Colours and Options you want and save an image of your design.

STEP 3: Using the image of your design that the Colour Picker generates, enter your choice of Colours and Options to the Shopping Cart below.

Delivery time for orders is 6-8 weeks.

We will contact you once we have received your order to confirm the details. Continue reading

Deepseed is a dedicated skydive gear and clothing manufacturer based in Taupo, New Zealand. Founded in February 2005, we have been making the highest quality Bespoke skydiving jumpsuits for skydivers all over the world. Our products include Freefly suits, RW … Continue reading

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We’re finally getting there with the online shop and should have most products in there very soon. Thank you to all the manufacturers for bearing with us.

We’re really happy to be involved with Tonfly and the Aska Team as the UK importers – email us now to book a demo of the fantastic One Seven.