About Us

Vertica Sports was founded in 2011 with the goal of bringing paragliding, speedflying and skydiving gear to you at affordable prices. All the equipment we sell we use so we know it inside and out. Sure it’s a new business but in time we hope to expand and extend our range of equipment.

Enjoy the Site and keep checking back for regular updates. Blue Skies

The Vertica Team

Latest Happenings

We’re working hard to get a new Flight Instrument available for all free flight pilots. Check out the June 2016 update.

Calling all Paraglider pilots have a look at what we’re offering with French Adventurer Manu Bonte

Have a look at what the LK8000 team are writing about the V2:- “We received the very first sample from Vertica a couple of months ago, and the device was simply stunning under the sun. As we all know, pilots … Continue reading

We’re finally getting there with the online shop and should have most products in there very soon. Thank you to all the manufacturers for bearing with us.

We’re really happy to be involved with Tonfly and the Aska Team as the UK importers – email us now to book a demo of the fantastic One Seven.