2.5X TOP STILL from TonFly

2.5X TOP STILL from TonFly

The newest of the range! This helmet has been designed for video-photographers who wish to mount a still camera on top and a GoPro camera on front. The mould of this helmet and the ratchet straps are reinforced, allowing the user to mount heavy weights.

£350.00 — £382.00

TonFly 2.5X Top Still Helmet

Design Features:

  • Helmet in carbon fibre technology
  • One piece chin-cup with tunnel hard straps at millimetral closure
  • Top platform measures 115x120mm
  • One converter mount integrated on the top platform
  • Thermoforming new inside linings for a perfect fit and comfort of your head, the back part closes perfectly around your neck
  • Sizes – from XS to XXL
  • Weight – 720 gr.



Measure your head at its largest circumference – usually just above your eyebrows in front, over your eyes and around in back.


TonFly 2.5X Top Still Helmet

The Converter Mount

The Converter Mount attachment system allows you to use photo/video devices in your own preferred way, giving you the possibility to quickly connect and disconnect devices with one easy movement, simply by pulling a loop and rotating the device. The Converter Mount includes a HC coated Female Base Ring fixed to the helmet using 8 screws and a quick pin connected to a loop. The user can choose from 3 angles. Neutral, +5º and -5º, suitable for all kind of shots.

Configuration Options

Larsen & Brusgaard Audibles

SOLO II™ All new software and design to make the world’s favorite audible altimeter even easier to use with the quality construction and accuracy you have come to expect from Larsen & Brusgaard. The SOLO II™ is an extremely accurate audible altimeter. Through years of research, L&B has built an audible altimeter that is extremely reliable and accurate. We make it easy for you! Developed with all skydiving disciplines in mind, the SOLO II™, when combined with our ALTITRACK™ visual altimeter and data recorder makes a perfect combination for all of your altitude awareness needs. OPTIMA II™ L&B has listened to skydivers across the globe and has answered the call with OPTIMA II™! The OPTIMA II™ is a more advanced audible altimeter with extremely accurate altitude detection. OPTIMA II™ is so accurate that it has an added set of warning beeps that can be set for a specific altitude during normal and high speed landing approaches. This feature has been added to aid both swoopers and conservative pilots alike find the “sweet spot” for initiating landing sequences. It is recommended that your eyesight and your experience be the primary source of determining at what altitude to start your landing sequence or pattern approaches. Hail the return of the visual warning light for audible altimeters! OPTIMA II™ with LED Connection Port: L&B has made the ability to increase your altitude awareness by adding a visual LED port to warn you at the altitudes you set.

HypEye D Pro

The HypEye D Pro will be fitted as default in the back of the camera box to be able to easy connect a debrief cable. Made specifically for skydivers, the HypEye D Pro controls SONY HDR CX series camcorders through the D/AV half-moon interface. The HypEye D Pro provides features and functionality never before seen in any camcorder controller. It’s super-bright, intuitive, three LED indication system keeps you informed of your camcorder’s status even when facing the sun! Dimensions: AV/D cable length 400mm, display cable length 300mm, controller 38mm X 18mm.

HypEye D Pro Accessories Include:

HypEye D Photo Kit: With this kit, you easily convert your HypEye D Pro and your Sony Camcorder into a picture taking device. Simply install this kit into the HypEye D Pro, add your favorite shutter release or bite switch, and you have successfully converted your camcorder into a still camera. Photo Kit includes: HypEye D Pro Shutter Connector with a 2.5mm stereo plug.

HypEye D Pro Debrief Cable: A MUST for teams in training! This cable allows you to review video without detaching the unit from the A/V Remote Connector. The Debrief Cable plugs into the A/V Debrief Port on the HypEye D Pro, and then plugs into an available RCA port on a television. To review video, simply switch the camcorder to playback mode and press PLAY. Its that easy!

Still Camera Remote Shutter Release Options

Bite-Switch: A mouth-operated shutter release which uses a very gentle bite to operate the camera. It can be used with any camera equipped with a remote shutter release jack. Comes standard with 2.5mm plug.

Tongue Switch: A mouth-operated shutter release which utilizes a pressure-sensitive switch mechanism designed to be depressed by the tongue. This waterproof switch is mounted to a bite resistant stem, making it difficult to damage. Does not require movement of the jaw or teeth to operate. It can be used with any camera equipped with a remote release jack. Comes standard with 2.5mm plug.

Pro Mouth Switch / Pro Mouth Switch with Digital Plug: A mouth-operated switch which triggers the release of the shutter by placing the switch between your tongue and the roof of your mouth then pressing it. NOTE: This is a mouth switch, not a bite switch. You are to place the button trigger facing down on your tongue, then activate the switch by pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth right behind your front teeth. DO NOT BITE IT! Available for Digital (to fit the Canon D30, D60, 10D, 20D, 30D, 5D, D1, D1 Mark II, Ds1, and Ds1 Mark II) and 2.5mm.

Ring Sight Options

Newton Ring Sight: Includes Holder and Swivel Clamp: Designed for easy mounting on any type of camera helmet. The cross sight is dead-center, and once aligned with the camera viewfinder, enables you to aim the camera precisely at the target. The special Newton Interference Pattern ensures that, no matter how the helmet may move due to air drag, you will always be able to point the camera at the target seen in the dead-center of the cross.

Crosshair Ring Sight Kit: Includes Schumacher Removable Articulating Bracket with Brent Crosshair Ring Sight and Swivel Clamp. The same basic sight with a few improvements… The optics are covered with glass. This allows you to use a t-shirt or other soft cotton cloth to clean the surface of your sight. All the other cross sights on the market leave the polarizer material exposed and it is a relatively soft plastic which scratches easily. The optics are adjustable. After you’ve mounted your sight, you may wish to change the orientation of the optics. Depending on the orientation of your installation, the pattern may not be square with your helmet. People have different tastes as well. The shaft is removable. The 1/4″ shaft comes off to allow you to custom cut the shaft without endangering the optics.

Concentric Ring Sight Kit: Includes Schumacher Removable Articulating Bracket with Brent Concentric Ring Sight and Swivel Clamp. After a few years of tinkering around, finding raw materials sources, and clearing all the engineering hurdles, Brent put together a killer concentric ring sight… like military surplus, but all new parts. These are the best made concentric sights in the world. The optics are covered with glass. This allows you to use a t-shirt or other soft cotton cloth to clean the surface of your sight. Some cheaper built sights have plastic polarizers as the surface material for the optical stack, but Brent went the extra mile to have thin glass substrates cut (just like the military ones) and assembled them together inside a beautiful anodized aluminum bezel. The shaft is removable. The 1/4″ shaft comes off to allow you to custom cut the shaft without endangering the optics.

Camera Bag: The perfect bag to keep your helmet and camera equipment safe.

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