Aska A10

Aska A10


Aska A10 stays in the place this year, in 12 sqm and 14 sqm for the use of schools and just-out-of-school riders.

Its stability in rolling and pitching, along with its simplicity of build (2 risers), makes speedriding easy to learn.

Its attractive price and solid construction, gives  the Aska A10 an exceptional quality/price ratio on the market;

The wing is delivered with the new rucksack and compression bag.

Weight range and level :

The weight/ wing size ratio is given as an indication. If you have a doubt on which to choose, just ask a professional or the school where you learned speedriding.

To learn about your Total Flight Weight, you need to climb on the scale fully equipped (with skis, boots, wing and harness on).

Total Flight Weight 12 sqm 14 sqm
<80kg Beginner Beginner
80 à 100 kg Intermediate-Beginner Beginner
120 ->100 kg Intermediate Intermediate-Beginner


ASKA gliders are designed to match the toughest conditions. On a speed riding glider, the bulk of the burden is being borne by the front (A / B), we chose to strengthen the ribs with extra material, connecting the points of attachment to the upper surface, which allows a better distribution of forces.

The ribs are made of Dominico-tex Hardfinish 42g / m² to limit deformation and aging of the profile .The lower lines are made of non-sheathed Dyneema 1,9 mm, have a breaking strength of 500 kg per line. All lines are manufactured in France.

For readability during the preflight, and to reduce the risk of knots in the lines misrouted harness or brake, each group of lines has different color. Red for the front and yellow for C and D , Brake line system is blue / green.The trim, very effective, has three positions indicated by a seam on the strap. The stop used to set the trim is very powerful,which prevents any accidental slipping.

The comfort and grip of the brakes is increased by the trackball over the brake handles. This will make brake control and flight more precise.

Fabrics :
Ribs : Dominico hard finish 42gr/m²
Upper skin, lower skin : Dominico 42gr/m²

Bridles :
High : Cousin 100% dyneema, 1.6mm, resistance à la rupture mini : 340daN
Low : Cousin 100% dyneema, 1.9mm, resistance à la rupture mini : 500daN

Technical Specs :

Area :  12 sqm 14 sqm
Cells :  18 18
Aspect ratio :  3.5 3.5
Weight :  3.0 kg 3.5 kg

2 branch risers and front riser trim.

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