BLADE will appeal to pilots who prefer a classic pod harness, offering total comfort, maximum security, world class drag saving, blended with stylish design and loads of extras. Included as standard: Airfoam protector and 3 Stage speed bar


APCO Blade Harness
The BLADE is APCO’s first competition harness. When APCO deciding to launch such a harness, they made sure it would be outstanding in its performance: Safety, Drag Reduction, Quality and Comfort. BLADE is a pod harness, designed and aimed at competition pilots, but equally well suited to cross country and experienced recreational pilots. It shares the same design philosophy as the rest of APCO’s harness range.

The BLADE stands out for its comfort, finish and clean lines. The drag reduction of BLADE is among the best in its class. The weight of the BLADE harness is on a par or lighter than most popular competition harnesses available today, but without compromising on its durability or safety. BLADE‘s geometry gives great comfort, with perfect adjustment possibilities. Two PVC Battens aid in spreading the load evenly along the back, increasing comfort while reducing the amount of webbing supports required. The BLADE has a back mounted reserve with the handle on the right side of the harness, which gives you both an easy accessible reserve and a well balanced harness in the air. The clean aerodynamic form of the BLADE reduces drag created by the pilot and Harness, giving you higher performance all round.

Pilot Protection:

The pilot protection environment of BLADE shares the same elements as the rest of our range, including airfoam protector to provide maximum protection to the pilot and integrated emergency parachute compartment. Designed to the standard specifications, it is ideally suited to take the range of APCO Mayday parachutes.

Design Features:

  • Fairing front cone is filled with innovative memory cell hollow fiber.
  • Supine pilot position designed to prevent abdominal and neck strain.
  • 1mm Neoprene fairing skirt. Adjustable harness/pod length for perfect fit.
  • Emergency parachute container with highly visible, easily accessible deployment handle.
  • Adjustable length 3 step tapered speed bar, fully integrated with the floating seatplate.
  • Two large side pockets and one front pocket are accessible during flight.
  • Large rear storage compartment with additional clip on wallet pocket.
  • Detachable front instrument cockpit. Ample storage space, plenty of pockets.
  • Shoulder connection points for steerable emergency parachute connection.
  • Ultra low drag narrow slim profile, molded clean lines, stylish shape.
  • Wrinkle free, no sagging. Simplified, easy to understand maintenance.
  • Deployment handle cable based. Neoprene covered hook in points.
  • Webbing system designed for perfect blend of comfort and weight shift feedback.
  • Get-up buckle system for further weight reduction and simplicity.
  • Optimal back support with exclusive load bearing semi-rigid elements integrated.
  • Built in loop on the shoulder strap for drinking house or radio connection.
  • Stylish thick airmesh lining for breathability and comfort, combined with 3D airmesh shoulders.
  • Heavy duty, scratch resistant bottom cloth. The lightest on the market, below 7kg (complete).


Harness Size
Harness Weight [kg]
Pilot Height [cm]
Up to 170

BLADE is supplied as standard complete with seatplate, leg plate and 3 step integrated speed bar.

Colour Options:

The BLADE harness is available in one color design with Black body.

Included as standard:
Airfoam protector 3 Stage speed bar
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