Concertina Bag from SOL Paragliders

Concertina Bag from SOL Paragliders


SOL Concertina Bag

Concertina Bag

To make easy handling, folding and keeping your paraglider, SOL Paragliders launches the Paraglider Folding Bag model Origami. The chosen materials ended up in a necessary accessory to make your equipment more comfortable with benefits during its performance and life time. Resin Rip Stop Fabric: Its composition made of resin and
fine line makes this fabric light, a soft touch and small volume, its
resin avoid humidity entering when is open on the ground. Aired Fabric: Fabric with holes that allow air into when is closed, allowing equipment to be more aired avoiding mould. High Density Foam: Place where the reinforcements of the paraglider will be folded and there are two foam plates helping to keep the reinforcements in the position that the pilot wishes. External pocket: To keep small non sharp objects.

Measures: 0,50 Width x 3,24 m Length

Weight: 600 gr

Colour: Black & Grey

*The Origami Folding Bag is suitable for all SOL paragliders except the tandem paragliders. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:


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