DeSCent 2 from SkyCountry

DeSCent 2 from SkyCountry


DeSCent 2 from SkyCountry

The DeSCent-2 is perfect for both speed flying and speed riding and is suitable for any level of skills. With a low wing loading it is ideal for taking the first steps in speedflying. While, when heavy loaded it can be used by experts to perform the craziest tricks. The new Descent-2 has become easier and more harmonious to handle in comparison to its popular predecessor DeSCent 1. You will also appreciate the excellent build quality and great attention to detail.

It´s a great solid wing in turbulence and it responds very quickly to control input. The shape of the airfoil is flat / convex (typical of these sails) and designed to give maximum stability in high speed.
Due to the new design the total length of lines and the weight of the wing has significantly decreased, compared to DeSCent 1,  and now there are only two sets of lines – As and Bs. The wing can also be set with front and rear trimmers that will give you a great range of trim options, enabling you to stick to the floor or to soar with ease.

There are many colour combinations available (see the photos), or choose your own colours.

All sizes of DeSCent 2 come with reversible, lightweight Werewolf harness .

Werewolf harness

Werewolf  is a combination of simplicity and usability. It´s a classical light-weight harness designed for speed-gliding/flying.  It can be transformed into a backpack by simply turning it inside out.


size 10 12 15 20
scale 0,816 0,894 1 1,155
square, sq.m. 10 12 15 20
projected square,sq.m. 8,64 10,37 12,97 17,3
wingspan,m. 5,92 6,48 7,25 8,37
projected span 4,81 5,27 5,9 6,81
aspect ratio 3,5 3,5 3,5 3,5
projected a/r 2,7 2,7 2,7 2,7
sections 22 22 22 22
pilot level expert advanced beginner/heavy advanced heavy/beginner

Sail Fabric: NCV Skytex 9017 and 9092 E38A E85A

Lines: Liros Cousin

Colours: Please contact us with what you want.

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