Escort 2 from Skycountry

Escort 2 from Skycountry


The main Escort-2 difference from its predecessor is a considerably high glide ratio. We reached the improvement having increased the wing’s aspect ratio and optimized line’s system. Escort-2 prototypes were tested in Turkey and the Carpathians, and they have received positive pilots’ feedbacks. Escort-2 perfectly suits for flying with a motor trike. We produce a reinforced paraglider version for this purpose – with reinforced lines and additional canopy carcass.

The paraglider with mylar reinforcements is less demanding towards packing and storage that considerably saves time for a professional pilot. Escort-2 paraglider’s risers are equipped with a trimmer with a replaceable strap that can be changed after being damaged.

Escort-2-41 is certified in EN B class with opened and closed trimmers.




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