Geo 4 from Ozone

Geo 4 from Ozone

£2,650.00 — £2,800.00

The Ozone Geo 4 Lightweight Paraglider


The new Ozone Geo 4 is an incredible 700g less than its predecessor, the Ozone Geo 3. Furthermore, The Geo 4 includes all of the performance improvements of the Ozone Buzz Z4 with the comfort and ease of use that has made it Ozone’s most popular Buzz ever.


Using design and construction techniques from Ozone’s Performance Project wings (the Ozone LM5) and their Ultralite Range (the UL3),  The Ozone Geo 4 is without question the most versatile and comfortable lightweight wing that Ozone have ever built, and Geo 4 is ideal for a vast range of paraglider pilots seeking an all-round lightweight paraglider wing with excellent comfort and ease of use in the Light-Intermediate class.


Ozone’s mission with the Geo 4 was to retain the balance of comfort and agility and performance that has made the Ozone Buzz Z4 one of their all-time favourites, but reduce the weight and packing volume to make the geo 4 an ideal wing for travel, long hikes, or even Vol-Biv and XC adventures. Ozone’s research into light-wing construction began back in 2001 with the introduction of the Peak. Development continued with Ozone wings appearing in every X-Alps race since the first in 2003, and several vol-biv distance records set by Ozone Team pilots in the Himalayas. The Ozone Geo 4 incorporates all of the know-how and experience gained during the last 13 years of lightweight R&D.


The Ozone Geo 4 is similar to the Geo 3 and features the same amount of cells, same aspect ratio, and same planform, however there are many unseen features that have significantly increased performance whilst massively reducing weight and packing volume. Visible changes include a new intake shape; this aids inflation behaviour and reduces unwanted vibrations along with improving efficiency and pitch stability for better feel and better glide performance in real XC conditions. Geo 4 Performance has been further increased by reducing the overall line consumption by 13%. Thanks to construction techniques taken directly from the LM5 and Ultralite series, the Ozone Geo 4 is 700g lighter than its predecessor!

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