ICARUS EXTreme-VX from NZ Aerosports

ICARUS EXTreme-VX from NZ Aerosports


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NZ Aerosports ICARUS EXTreme-VX Canopy
Prior to 1999, NZ Aerosports was the only manufacturer of 21 cell Cross-Braced ZP canopies on the market; a position they held for five years. Even without the goliath marketing power of some manufacturers, they carved themselves a leading position in the high-performance market, consistently winning canopy swooping competitions.They realised that the superior performance of the Icarus EXTreme-FX would not be ignored for long by their competitors. Their design became the benchmark in high-performance, with other manufacturers producing their own versions to keep up. They were constantly striving for the ‘next step’ in high performance, in order to retain and solidly state their market position as the ‘leaders in canopy design’.Jumpers have known for years that 9-cell canopies out perform 7-cells. 27 cells out perform 21 cells in exactly the same way… and the EXTreme-VX27-cell Elliptical X-braced Tri-cell is the undisputed highest performing canopy on the planet!The VX enjoys many of the same design features as the FX including constant aspect ratio varying cell widths, a fully formed nose, and zero dynamic distortion. The pack volume is around 5% greater than the FX or 25% greater than a conventionally constructed 9-cell. This is easily overcome with even smaller sizing as the canopy begs to be loaded at least five to ten percent more heavily than the FX.The extra rigidity in the canopy through both narrower cell spans and broader angles in the cross braces gives the canopy an even crisper more ridged feel – even more than the EXTreme-FX. Bulge distortion is minimized dramatically, with the canopy retaining its shape so well that any cross section of the canopy will show a maximum airfoil distortion of only 8.75% from the desired shape. This compares to 11.5% on 21 cell X-Braced designs and over 20% on conventional 9-cells.The VX does not replace the FX. It is primarily a competition wing; designed to swoop massive distances and fly at ballistic speeds for turf-surf purists whose prime objective is to grasp the last shred of performance from their canopy.

Technical Specification

Size Volume MSW MSW Weight
(Sq.Ft) (Cu.In) (Lbs) (Kgs) (Lbs)
69 221 166 75 3
74 237 178 81 3
79 253 190 86 4
84 269 202 92 4
89 285 214 97 4
94 301 226 103 4
99 317 238 108 4
104 333 250 113 5
109 349 262 119 5
114 365 274 114 5
119 381 286 130 5

Recommended wing loadings 1.8 PSF – 2.4 PSF

EXTreme-VX Colours:


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