ICARUS OMEGA from NZ Aerosports

ICARUS OMEGA from NZ Aerosports

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NZ Aerosports ICARUS OMEGA Canopy
The Icarus Omega is a 7-Cell, lightly elliptical, zero porosity canopy. It has been designed as a hassle-free all rounder; suitable for wingsuiting, RW, demo jumping, fun accuracy and fun CRW. It is super easy to use, with delicious ’7-cell’ openings, easy packing and gentle landings.

ZP 7-cells may be outperformed on landing by 9-cell (and greater) canopies, but they have gained in popularity due to their low baggage factor, and ease of use – a definite plus for many people.

The Icarus Omega is slightly tapered. The planform has been optimized between enhancing the canopy performance and feel, yet maintaining easy flight characteristics and consistent controlled openings. The Omega’s cells vary in width across the canopy, to maintain a constant cell aspect ratio and to consistently control the airfoil shape across the canopy.

At lighter wing loadings (below 1.1 wingloading) it is a good student transition or first canopy, or for those who want to take it easy. At heavier wing loadings (up to 1.5 PSF) it will be zippy and fun, with cruisy openings and good landings.

Technical Specification

(Sq.Ft) (Cu.In) (Lbs) (Lbs)
Omega 99
99 278 149 4
Omega 109
109 298 164 4
Omega 119
119 318 179 4
Omega 129
129 338 194 5
Omega 139
139 358 209 5
Omega 149
149 378 224 5
Omega 169
169 418 254 6
Omega 189
189 458 284 7
Omega 209
209 498 300 8
Omega 229
229 538 300 8

Recommended wing loadings 0.75 PSF – 1.5 PSF

OMEGA Colours:


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