Lotus one from SOL

Lotus one from SOL




With the new LOTUS One we present a wing of the latest evolutionary stage, in which all our technologies find specific application. The result is a pure performance wing for the competitive pilot.

One of its prime disciplines is the first-class climbing, even in weak thermals. Since we spend about 50% of our flight time circling in thermals, therefore the LOTUS One was designed specifically for optimum thermal response – the wing bite into the weakest thermals and convert them immediately into distance.

The LOTUS One is a wing where, deliberately, were not maxed out all possibilities due to aggressive trim. It targets the group of experienced pilots who annually carry out many hours of airtime and go about big tasks. Numerous test flights have shown: compared in performance, the LOTUS One has no need to hide from D wings.

LOTUS One – LTF / EN C certified in the sizes S – M – L – XL

The pilot and the wing’s behavior during flight

The logical question why we have developed a second wing in the C-class is going to be answered as follows:

One group of pilots wants to migrate from B- to C-class and the proven SYNERGY Five behaves optimally. With the SYNERGY Five they can relax and fly cross, participate in competitions successfully and train their skills.
The second group of XC- and competition pilots are looking for a true high-end C-wing. A D- or competition wing is not in their focus due to several motives.
The LOTUS One offers all they expect from a performance wing: undisputed performance, high level of passive safety, fairness even under adverse conditions and easy manageability. So the pilot’s focus is fully on his task and nothing else. That’s the way that maximum output is readily available.

With its precise and dynamic handling behaviour it demands XC pilots on an expert skill level who are capable to explore the vast performance potential, are familiar with performance gliders and are flying great distances and/or in competitions. Also to pilots flying intermediate wings who have accumulated the experience to move up to a first performance glider, the LOTUS One is a great choice.

The LOTUS ONE has an immediate response to brake input, as well as high stability, leaving the pilot free to make the most of flight conditions.

Gains in performance, handling and thermal climbing have allowed a reduction in sail area, increasing glider strength and stability in flight.

Flight Characteristics

• Optimal inflation and easy handling;
• Excellent take-off, even without wind;
• Comfortable handling and great performance in thermals;
• Low sink rate;
• Increased speed window;
• Exceptional accelerated glide;
• Very flat polar curve;
• Very stable at full speed.

Construction Characteristics

• 65 cells, 12 of them are closed;
• Diagonals bands (A, B, C and D) in all cells;
• Internal sewing;
• New line layout with a 15% reduction in the consumption;
• Reinforcement Nylon battens (BT technology).

Design and Construction

The wing’s layout is advanced and modern, featuring more detailed construction, with 65 cells, and a higher aspect ratio than its predecessor, allowing complete utilization of the performance profile, without sacrificing the safety and handling desired for this project.

More efficient and accurate calculations were used, resulting in a smoother and cleaner sail. Diagonal tabs in all cells reduce the amount of lines and help in the precision of the whole set.

In the construction of the LOTUS ONE, SOL uses materials that allow us to guarantee the original characteristics of the equipment for 300 hours and/or 3 years.

The LOTUS ONE incorporates these SOL performance and comfort technologies:


PBP – Pressure Booster Profile: New Air Foil design increase and keep more estable internal pressure.
More performance in all speed range.

Technical Data




Since 1991 SOL has been producing and following the evolution of materials and products. Our experience makes us choose the materials carefully, thus guaranteeing a good stability and a high safety level. All SOL paragliders are manufactured in our own plant, certified by DHV.

WTX 40 gr/m2 Nylon 6.6 HT PU+Silicon

Pro-Nyl 42 gr/m2 Nylon 6.6 HT PU hard

Nylon Battens (Profile front)

Cousin Vectran® ULTIMATE without cover 0,6 mm – BL 55 kg / BT 32,0 daN
Cousin Vectran® ULTIMATE without cover 0,9 mm – BL 120 kg / BT 68,7 daN
Cousin Vectran® ULTIMATE without cover 1,0 mm – BL 150 kg / BT 89,0 daN
Cousin Vectran® ULTIMATE without cover 1,2 mm – BL 215 kg / BT122,0 daN
Cousin Vectran® ULTIMATE without cover 1,4 mm – BL 220 kg / BT 145,0 daN

Fixoflex Polyester high tenacity 15 mm 1200 DaN

Ansung Inox 15 mm


What’s included:
• Big deluxe backpack;
• Internal protection bag;
• Compression strap;
• Risers’ protection sack;
• Wind sock;
• Basic repair kit;
• Speed bar;
• User’s Manual;
• Cap;
• Measuring Tape to check the distance between carabiners.

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