MYSTIC 3 from Skycountry

MYSTIC 3 from Skycountry


MyStiC3 is the development of the ideas laid into Mystic of the first and second generation. Our task during this wings’ development was traditional, i.e. we meant to develop a paraglider which would be better in the aspects of flying, controlling and providing a pilot with more positive emotions, keeping a high security level at the same time.

Amazing wing’s stability even at maximum speed and long brake travell enable the pilot with the opportunity to safely and comfortably work for the result in the utmost difficult conditions. Flying MyStiC3 is not a fight with the wing, though a synthesis of the best wing’s and pilot’s qualities. The paraglider’s high safety is confirmed by EN C certificate (for Mystic3 М and ML).
The upper and lower paraglider’s surface is manufactured of the newest fabric NCV Skytex 9017 E25A – currently this fabric possesses the best ratio of resource and weight (out of all NCV range). The inner wing’s structure is manufactured of hard finished fabric Skytex 9017 E29A. MyStiC3 has fully unsheated lining, upper and lower tiers are manufactured of aramid line Edelrid A8000U with UV protection. Currently it’s the best line at the market concerning ratio of durability, resource and ability to preserve the initial length while being used.





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