Scooter from Skycountry

Scooter from Skycountry


The SCooter is a real 3 line model, with only 3 rows of line connections, significantly reducing line drag (besides, it is aesthetically beautiful). Total line length in the medium size wing is 257 meters, with the upper tier made of unsheathed aramid line Edelrid A8000U, with saturated fiber for UV protection (the best lines available today: durable, strong, and sturdy); and the lower tier lines are a classic Liros TSL 280, TSL 220 and TSL 190, a material we thought most suitable for this class. Top and bottom wing surface is made from the newest NCV Skytex 9017 E25A, the fabric with the best ratio of weight and durability in the entire NCV line. The internal structure is fabricated with the more rigid Skytex 9017 E29A. The Scooter’s risers are a 12 mm strap with the Aramid core manufactured by Cousin.

You’ll find launching the SCooter to be a pleasure: it inflates with ease and doesn’t overshoot; and in low wind conditions the scooter quickly develops enough energy to launch without tending to fall back. In flight the wing feels solid, yet remains responsive to pilot input and ‘wants’ to follow the thermal.Flying xc on the SCooter is a joy! The wing handles high speed with aplomb: the leading edge stays rigid.
Sky Country developed a new and unforgettable graphic design especially for the SCooter model of the wing, a bright design that creates a noticeable impact. SCooter M is EN B certified. In spite of an EN B certification the Scooter wing is not recommended for beginner pilots. Pilot skill requirements is 60 hours.

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