Sonic 3D from SOL

Sonic 3D from SOL


Sol Sonic

The Sonic models have been flying since 2008 as one of the leaders of Acro circuits and world events in acrobatics.

The new version 2014 has rigid splints on the leading edge and is built entirely with new WTX40 tissues.

The results on podiums illustrates the potential of the Sonic 3D:

The Sonic 3D has been placed on the world’s podiums and lead rankings for 3 consecutive years with more than 20 titles in international events.

The 3D Sonic, as well as other aerobatic paragliders are intended for experienced pilots who are acclimatized to high G loads in Acro Manouvers – its use and skills required are specific.
Flight characteristics
• Strong Reactions in extreme maneuvers;
• Direct and sensitive piloting.

The 3D Sonic has a short and precise brake travel which requires minimal input from the pilpt during the flight.

Constructional features

3D shows Sonic:
• Diagonal Ribs to reduce lines and weight;
• reinforcement in Carbon / Mylar;
• Modern candle cutting technique;
• Clean Layout.

The materials used were carefully chosen to guarantee a long life and high level of safety. All SOL paragliders are manufactured in our own plant, certified by DHV.

3D Sonic combines our technologies for performance, safety and durability.


Since 1991 SOL has been producing and pushing the evolution of materials and products. Their experience enables them to carefully select the materials used, ensuring a long life and high level of safety. All SOL paragliders are manufactured in their own plant, certified by DHV.

Top / Bottom:
WTX 40-40 gr / m2

Pro-Nyl nylon rip stop coated with polyurethane

Isofilm / Nylon

- 0.9 mm Vectran® Cousin ULTIMATE – 90 kg
- 1.1 mm Technora Cousin – 90 kg
- 1.5 mm Technora Cousin – 150 kg
- 2.1 mm Technora Cousin – 260 kg

Fitanew 19 x 2.0mm flat multi 1600kg

Ansung Precision 4mm 800kg

Nautos / SOL



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