SPARK - The latest, most sophisticated sports harness on the APCO range. SPARK will appeal to pilots who prefer a classic harness, offering total comfort, maximum security, blended with stylish design and loads of extras.

£380.00 — £430.00

APCO Spark Harness

The SPARK Harness is the result of APCO’s policy of ongoing research, development and product improvement. The SPARK stands out for its comfort, finish and clean lines. The concept of SPARK is based on latest harness design principles, taking APCO technology to new heights. SPARK shares the philosophy and design approach with rest of APCO’s harnesses, but is now even more comfortable, more sophisticated and sleeker than any other harness on the APCO range. The clean aerodynamic form of the SPARK reduces drag created by the pilot and harness, giving you higher performance all round.

The SPARK has a unique pilot protection system, combining the usual airfoam type protector with a Polystyrene side impact protector which offers the maximum protection available to a paraglider pilot today. Apart from the Unbeatable Pilot Protection, the SPARK offers other great features such as the floating seat board which is connected to the speed system to improve comfort and aerodynamics while you are accelerating, and makes it very easy to slip in and out of the harness after take-off and before landing. The New Harness geometry gives great comfort, with perfect adjustment possibilities, while eliminating excessive webbing and straps. The adjustment straps are kept tidy with a unique system that prevents them from flapping in the wind. Two PVC Battens aid in spreading the load evenly along the back, increasing comfort while reducing the amount of webbing supports required. The SPARK has a bottom mounted reserve with the handle on the right side of the harness, which gives you both an easy accessible reserve and a well balanced harness in the air.

Design Features:

  • Molded clean shape, stylish outline. No wrinkles, sagging or baggy look.
  • Low drag – Narrow, slim profile. Easy to pack – low pack volume.
  • Ultimate comfort and protection 15cm airfoam + 5cm airmesh.
  • Emergency parachute compartment under the seat – re-designed & simplified.
  • Deployment handle – Highly visible and accessible, perfect spot on the side.
  • Carefully re-designed webbing system for perfect blend of comfort and weight shift feedback.
  • Optimal back support with exclusive, integrated load spreading semi-rigid elements.
  • Foolproof chest T-lock system. Versatile accelerator system with floating seatplate.
  • Built-in effective ABS system for adjustment of weight shift control.
  • APCO unique weight shift sensitivity adjuster for the seatplate.
  • Plenty of pockets (side internal, external, bottom + ample back pocket).
  • Available in 3 sizes – ranging from pilots of 155cm – 55kg to over 2m – 100kg.
  • Partial front neoprene closure. Heavy duty, scratch resistant bottom cloth.
  • Stylish, thick air mesh lining for breathability and comfort at the back.
  • Airmesh pillows for added support and hip comfort, combined with 3D airmesh shoulders.
  • Ready for Ballast and drinking installation.


Harness Size
Harness Weight [kg]
Pilot Height [cm]
Up to 170

Colour Options:

The SPARK harness is available in 4 colour combinations.
Royal Blue and Red, Red and Silver, Red and White & Yellow and Royal Blue.

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