UNO.620 from TonFly

UNO.620 from TonFly


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UNO.620 Suit from TonFly

Design Features:

  • The FreeFly suit with less tight fit
  • Made using the same fabrics as the Uno.618 (Diamant elastic, Cordura and Speed Zero Porosity Nylon materials)
  • Has the same quality of build and with the choice of either straight or baggy
  • Wind repellent elastic on the back, comfortable crotch leg straps, Speed Zero Porosity Nylon on the front and Cordura on the arms and legs
  • Ideal for all types of flying: Belly, back, head down, track and more…
  • Perfect for camera flying, allowing easy variation of speed whilst doing away with the need for wings
  • Great for AFF instructors, the rip-stop fast fabric allows you to accelerate rapidly on your belly & Cordura on the arms and legs allows you to slow down with great power
  • Tandem masters, you can option for Cordura on the front and Double Cordura on the buttock
  • A super strong, comfortable suit that will last you a long time

Optional Extras include:

  • Grips: on arms, on legs, on arms & legs
  • Double Cordura: on arms, on legs, on arms & legs

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