F*Lite ultra light harness


The Ozone F*Lite is an ultra-light harness for hike & fly pilots, and para-alpinists. The current version, which has now passed EN Load tests for 100kg, weighs in at 99 grams. Fred Pieri and the Ozone R&D Team approached this project not by thinking about how to change existing harness designs, but by focusing on what purpose a harness actually needs to serve. After many prototypes which experimented with harness geometry, Fred and the team re-focused on the materials used. The Ozone F*Lite’s load bearing structure is made from Dyneema thread and webbing, and carbon compression bars. Orienting the Dyneema thread pattern was achieved via an algorithm which determined the stress patterns on the harness – the thread pattern was then specifically designed to cover these areas. The resulting thread pattern may appear somewhat random, but is in fact precisely calculated, and sewn.

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