Ozone Zeno


The Zeno represents the cutting edge of OZONE paraglider R&D. This highly advanced design bridges the gap between the Enzo and Mantra series, providing an option for expert pilots who are ready to move up from the Mantra M6 and other wings in its class.

This is a special glider, designed for expert pilots who are already deeply familiar with this class of wing. If you’re considering the Zeno, then you know the story of the Enzo, and you’re familiar with the OZONE R&D Team. The following is “Luc’s List” of design features for the Zeno:

New profile from Enzo 3 research program
New arc yielding improved handling and collapse behaviour
Excellent handling throughout the weight range
Lowest ever line drag (12% less than Enzo 2 M)
New top surface shaping calculation
Optimised wing twist in accelerated flight reduces induced drag
Profile optimised for stability in accelerated flight
Top speed similar to Enzo 2 at same weight
Glide performance equal to Enzo 2 at full speed
Lightweight construction: 5.4kg in ML size
78 cells, optimised for performance/weight
2 line risers with 15cm speed limiter
Highly effective B riser control in active air

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