Tonfly Uno.630 Flex Tunnel Skydiving suit


All Flexible!

Uno.630Flex is a technical suit with an ultra tight fit, and specific for Tunnel and Dynamic Flying. It gives maximum freedom of movements and incredible performance. The suit is like a second skin.

Made of Cordura® Flex.

It has the same cut of a uno.630 Race, but is actually very different compared to a uno.630 Tunnel or a uno.630 Race models.

Faster, Tighter, with an incredible range and power.

Incredibly comfortable, but less resistant to abrasion.

The Knee parts are available in Cordura® Flex, Cordura® 180 or Cordura® 500

Starting from March 2018, the Standard construction of uno.630 Flex is without Zippers on ankles.

Zippers will still be available as a free option on our Configurator.

Is possible to apply small Embroideries, in order to preserve suit performance, or Sublimation Print on any Cordura® Flex part.

Custom Designs are available on request, while special Designs Patterns are available on the Configurator and on the Graphics Website Section

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